4 thoughts on “GIMP reflection plug-in

    1. davekoelmeyer Post author

      Thanks for the update. A quick search online gives me this:



      The developer appears to have simply moved the project hosting to Github. Download the ZIP file (https://github.com/otaviocc/gimpscripts/downloads), unzip it, and move the extracted gimp-reflection.scm file to your preferred GIMP plugin directory (which is at ~/.gimp-2.6/scripts on my system). The reflection plugin should then appear at Filters -> Decor.

  1. wajeemba

    This plugin script doesn’t work correctly as is anymore for GIMP 2.8, as it was written for 2.4. Good news however is that I found someone by the name of Paul Sherman that has taken the time to update a collection of older scripts that includes this one!

    Found it here: http://www.gimphelp.org/script28.shtml


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