So long iWeb and hello WordPress

I’ve decided to open up a blog on WordPress as a stopgap measure between establishing my own highly personalised site, and migrating off Apple’s godawful iWeb/MobileMe service.

It’s become a royal PITA to be tied to a particular machine running iWeb just to update my site – as I wrote some time ago on my MobileMe (formerly “.Mac” – why did they have to change the name?) pages:

“Gotta say, I’m over using iWeb to maintain a personal site. It’s cludgy, slow, and a major drag being tied to a particular workstation to update stuff. Hell, iWeb 08 won’t even launch over VNC, which really sucks…

“The fact it has problems rendering pages correctly on Safari – Apple’s own browser – is kinda the final nail in the coffin. Matter of fact results can be all over the shop on a variety of browsers – par for the course to be sure, but when there is no way to compensate for this in the code…it turns into a PITA to only be able to repeatedly manually shift elements around in the iWeb GUI, publish, check the results, and rinse and repeat…”

My feelings of late about Apple in general are also a contributing factor…

I’ll probably slowly move the useful bits of info posted on my MobileMe pages onto here, and let the subscription run for another year…otherwise I’m looking forward to posting far more frequently. Personally I’m used to Apache Roller, but most of the techs I admire at Sun Microsystems seem to be moving to WordPress (I guess while RIFs are underway and the future of BSC is uncertain) so I figure it must have something going for it.

Expect the theme of the site to change a bit over the next few days as I try the dozens and dozens of available themes, become dissatisfied with all of them, and eventually attempt to design my own from scratch.


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