Scribus, anyone?

While atttempting to help a friend with a combined MS Publisher / PDF issue (and the various compatibility issues encountered along the way) I did a bit of searching for a FOSS DTP application and came across this:

Sure looks cool – interesting summary on Wikipedia:

In particular:

“Scribus cannot read or write the native file formats of commercial programs like QuarkXPress, Microsoft Publisher, or InDesign; the developers feel that reverse engineering those file formats would be prohibitively complex and could risk legal action from the makers of those programs.

Which suits me as I’m looking for a path to get the hell away from proprietary file formats.

Anyone out there using this? Came across a positive albeit old review from the awesome Ben Rockwood:

Further promising signs:

The online mag here is very impressive – I know of people who couldn’t put together anything anywhere near this good with full access to a megabucks Adobe CS Suite license, and aside from Scribus the whole shebang has been put together with free software:

Interestingly Resene Paints (New Zealand – my home town, like) are a sponsor of Scribus…

Seeing businesses smart enough to patronise FOSS projects like this – especially local businesses – gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Time to download it on an Ubuntu VM and give it a spin methinks…


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