Opera 10 core dumps on OpenSolaris

Opera looks like a fantastic (albeit closed) cross-platform browser, but it’s been horrendously unstable on recent development builds of OpenSolaris (around snv_111 and up at least) such that it’s practically unusable.

Seems like this is quite a common occurrence with other Solaris users…the comments in this thread sum things up nicely, as well as threads here and here.

I made my own recent enquiries on the OpenSolaris Desktop developers’ forum, and happily it seems a major cause of the instability has been identified – refer to the post by Naoyuki referring to xiiimp.so:


Using the modified file in question things certainly seem a whole lot more crash-free – so looks like a resolution is not too far away!

Bugzilla report for the above: http://defect.opensolaris.org/bz/show_bug.cgi?id=14488


Now, if they can only get Flash 10 support straightened out; with Oracle now owning Sun’s fantastic Sun Ray thin client computing solution you’d think a browser with a built-in kiosk mode would be a heck of an attractive proposition. C’mon Opera, please bring Opera for Solaris up to standard with the other platform versions! 🙂

(BTW I do see someone has helpfully made a Flash 10 wrapper as a workaround – which I intend to check out…)


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