Access Apple MobileMe iDisk from OpenSolaris

Turns out iDisk is WebDAV compliant, and using a generic client seems to be far quicker and more reliable in operation than either managing iDisk content with the MobileMe BUI, or using iDisk+Finder in Mac OS – the latter of which appears to have dire performance issues.


Follow the steps (on an OSOL snv_133 x64 system)…

OpenSolaris - connect to server...

Use secure WebDAV (standard HTTP works okay too), and enter your iDisk address in the form of

Use secure WebDAV...

iDisk is now connected

When dragging and dropping files to upload using Nautilus, I noticed that the “File Operations” status bar doesn’t accurately reflect data transfer progress – more often than not the progress bar will sit at some arbitrary reading without any movement. However, looking at Gnome System Monitor -> Network History one can see that data is indeed being uploaded when this happens.


4 thoughts on “Access Apple MobileMe iDisk from OpenSolaris

  1. David Browning

    Thanks. I had been using their web based fron end and it would time out while compressing downloads. this worked great


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