Firefox 3.6 Personas, Opera 10.50

Exciting times for fans of cross platform browsers (sorry IE and Safari).

They say open source has made computing fun again, and Firefox Personas is a great example of this. Thousands and thousands of cool skins, and being able to insta-preview each one with a mouse hover is pretty neat!

Some of the themes are delightfully garish:

Firefox Personas theme

I’ve only just updated my OpenSolaris development box with Firefox 3.6 (available from here), so once I’ve frittered away a few hours of time having fun with Personas, I’ll look forward to checking out the speed and reliability enhancements. Mind you, I’m pretty darn happy with Firefox these days anyhow, what with being practically the only truly cross platform and open source browser out there. That, and it’s a great browser too.

Meanwhile, Opera 10.50 has been released, and although Linux and UNIX versions are not there yet, a quick play around on a Windows 7 machine reveals it to indeed be very fast, and quite slick. Proof there’s still a place for proprietary software when it’s done right, and when its producers appreciate that customers want the same browsing experience regardless of platform. Let’s hope the Solaris x86 release of Opera 10.50 finally has Flash 10 support!

While I’m on the topic, I will say I’m not particularly interested in Google Chrome. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, but frankly I’m uncomfortable using a browser developed by a search and advertising giant, and Google’s recent serious privacy blunders really don’t help. Sorry Google, you do a great search product (regardless of the prospect of anti-monopolistic scrutiny in the near future), but I feel a lot healthier leaving my browser, office applications, and operating system to other companies, thanks.


And now I’m off to try more Personas…


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