Oracle supports Solaris 10 on approved hardware systems only?

Oracle Towers

I have to say, I’m feeling very disappointed with how this is playing out:

Talk about a barrier to entry. Supporting Solaris 10 on branded systems only, and having prohibitively expensive support fees on top of that will be a sure-fire way to lose (again!) user and developer mindshare for Solaris 10. Sun made similar mistakes which they tried to rectify (apparently too late) – and my feeling is Oracle may be repeating history.

This would appear to send a clear message to SMBs, casual users, CS students with an interest, and others that Solaris 10 is not for them – and an unfortunate way to once again make some fantastic technology exclusive. Also, this can be read as a serious lurch towards vendor lock-in.

Personally I think this is a mistake, and on those systems where I cannot afford to deploy Solaris 10, I will sadly be forced to look for alternatives. Even If Oracle were to offer an inexpensive support package such that security and maintenance patches are available then that would be something – such as they do for their Enterprise Linux offering.


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