Project Wonderland – rebooted

Fresh from Oracle withdrawing support for Project Wonderland, the community goes it alone with Open Wonderland:

Great to see, and I’m sure Open Wonderland will have a bright future, given the amount of community enthusiasm and engineering talent behind it.

Finally had enough time during my downtime to quickly install a Wonderland 0.5 Preview 2 client/server combo on my OpenSolaris x64 box:

Open Wonderland Orientation world

Using the onboard Intel G31 Express integrated graphics, I was unable to run the Wonderland client; this was believed to be a driver issue, so that graphics platform it would seem is unsupported for now. I retrofitted an nVidia Quadro FX540 card and could then run the client – however, performance of the “Orientation” world (pictured above) using this fairly decent piece of hardware with recent nVidia drivers was slow to the point of being unusable (if you look closely at the bottom of the screen grab you can see a FPS reading of 2.4). This is a known problem with the Orientation world, and it appears the developers are working on it.

Still, exciting times ahead!


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