“Jive vs. Open Source”

Great article by Matt Asay on recent events coming out of Jive Software:

“In a somewhat Quixotic quest, Jive Software has been showcasing a white paper titled “Jive vs. Open Source”…with a page devoted to what it claims are the negatives of Drupal and Liferay…by choosing to focus on open source, in general, and Drupal, in particular, Jive has effectively taken out a billboard advertisement that essentially proclaims: “We’re really worried about Drupal. It’s a big-time threat to our business.” No one talks about competitors that don’t present serious, significant competition. Jive wouldn’t be talking about Drupal and Liferay unless it were seriously worried…”

Indeed. Clicking on the link to the white paper referred to in Matt’s article leads to a post by Jive’s CTO in full damage-control mode. I’m a user of Jive’s open-sourced Openfire server, a fantastic product which due to an apparent change in Jive’s support of open source projects (intimated in Matt’s article) I cannot obtain professional support for even if I wanted. This recent “skirmish” (as Jive puts it) indicates a pretty serious disconnection between Jive’s marketroids and their open source efforts.

As Matt also sums up nicely:

“…here’s the one big fact that Jive can’t counter: Anyone with serious questions about Drupal (or Liferay) has but to download and install the software. It’s open-source. It’s free. No one needs to ask Jive what to think about Drupal or Liferay. If you want answers on Jive, the process involves everyone’s favorite, a salesperson! Joy.”

So, my thanks to Jive Software to switching me on to Drupal. Even better, it’s a one-click install from the OpenSolaris contrib repository – and no salesperson needed:

Drupal from OpenSolaris IPS


2 thoughts on ““Jive vs. Open Source”

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