Some quick Gnome/OpenSolaris tips…

1) How do I alter the default window size of the Gnome Desktop terminal when launched?

Add the geometry option to the gnome-terminal command. For example, I have a Gnome Terminal Panel item configured to launch with:

gnome-terminal --geometry=130x40


2) In an Gnome-based Virtualbox Unix/Unix-like guest, why can’t I use the numeric keypad as expected?

Chances are the “Pointer can be controlled using the keypad” setting is enabled in the Gnome keyboard preferences. Go to System -> Preferences -> Keyboard, and disable this setting under the “Mouse Keys” tab:

Gnome/Ubuntu Mouse Keys tab settings

3) Why doesn’t the OpenSolaris Gnome Volume Applet remember the volume settings between reboots?

Yeah, this is small but incredibly annoying – and a right pain in the arse to have to twiddle the volume setting every morning. Hasn’t been fixed in about forever.

There is a workaround mentioned here:

However, there are two problems with it. First, /etc/X11/gdm does not exist on my snv_134 x64 system (the correct location is /etc/gdm) and second; the mixerctl command has been replaced by audioctl in build 130 onwards.

Therefore on my snv_134 x64 system I made the following changes to apply a revised workaround:

Edit /etc/gdm/PostSession/Default so it contains the following line:

audioctl save-controls -f $HOME/.ossaudiosettings

Edit /etc/gdm/PreSession/Default so it contains the following line:

audioctl load-controls $HOME/.ossaudiosettings

Audio settings should then be remembered on reboot.


4) How do I shorten the GRUB menu wait time on OpenSolaris?

On an snv_134 x64 system, edit the timeout value in /rpool/boot/grub/menu.lst

For example:

timeout 5

Results in a wait time of 5 seconds.


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