Use OpenDS for Thunderbird LDAP Address Book data

Trey Drake at Sun Microsystems has a quick little post for trying this with Apple Address Book:

“Works like a charm” indeed, and doing the same with Thunderbird proves to be just as easy 🙂 Using the OpenDS setup instructions outlined in my Apache Roller post, and using Thunderbird 3.0 on OpenSolaris snv_134 x64, one simply configures an LDAP address book like so:

OpenDS LDAP Address Book in Thunderbird

By default OpenDS enables anonymous read/search access to the directory, so we don’t need to authenticate.

Additionally, I’ve set up my OpenDS server to run automatically as a service using SMF – the guide which I followed to achieve this is here:

The only problem I encountered after configuring the above was getting the ldap user to access the OpenDS control panel GUI without X server security errors. One has to use the xhost command to grant access to the X server for the ldap user:

$ xhost  
access control enabled, only authorized clients can connect

$ pfexec xhost +SI:localuser:ldap
localuser:ldap being added to access control list

$ xhost                          
access control enabled, only authorized clients can connect

After which I could launch the OpenDS control-panel application as the ldap user fine – although I haven’t determined yet how to make this persistent across reboots or desktop logins.


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