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Choppy OGG video playback on Firefox / OpenSolaris?

It’s a known issue and a fix is forthcoming. A workaround is outlined by Ginn Chen here:

UPDATE: Ginn Chen@Oracle has released Firefox 3.6.6 which resolves the issue – hooray! Have a look here:


James Gosling on Oracle

The father of Java seems to have had a pretty acrimonious split with Oracle based on recent postings on his blog – but this is the most blunt he’s been:

“The exodus has been a thundering stampede. Pretty soon, all Larry will have left is an IP portfolio. Perhaps that’s all he wanted: there’s precious little evidence that he was interested in any of the people.”


Opera drops development for OpenSolaris

Okay, so kind of old news but worth mentioning all the same:

Talk about a totally retrograde move – which I hope they reconsider in the future. You’d think Opera with its groovy built-in kiosk mode feature would be a sweet match for Oracle Sun Ray; could even have been a potential revenue stream too, perhaps…

Oh well. Yet again, open source saves the day, and I’ll continue to use Firefox for an awesome and totally cross-platform browsing experience. I don’t buy into the rather fashionable view of late that it’s somehow a substandard browser; it’s plenty stable, fast and full-featured for me, Personas are fun, the selection of extensions are great, and I get the same browsing experience on myriad varieties of UNIX, Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.

Glassfish YouTube channel

Spied today on (or should that be Oracle?):

All sorts of handy videos being uploaded there for your viewing pleasure. Keep it coming! 🙂

Glassfish YouTube channel

OpenSolaris roadmap update

Robert Milkowski has a linked PDF on his blog with some encouraging slides vis a vis the future of OpenSolaris under Oracle:

Thanks Oracle – looks promising!