Logitech USB webcam support on OpenSolaris

Whilst looking at the various consumer video chat/conferencing applications out there, I thought I’d have a looksy at whether OpenSolaris supports USB webcams. Turns out it does.

I’d originally purchased a Logitech C600 2-MP Webcam for use with running Skype on Windows. I followed the various guides outlined on Sun Microsystems’ Colin Zou’s (incredibly helpful) blog…



and using Ekiga (installed via IPS) I was able to use it for video input just fine:

Ekiga on OpenSolaris

You can see here in the OpenSolaris Device Driver Utility the camera detected and attached using the usbvc driver:

Logitech C600 attached to OpenSolaris

Slight catch is that I have to run Ekiga as a root-equivalent user in order for the C600 to be detected, but I’m sure I’ll figure that one out. Still, pretty cool stuff. I love modern UNIX!


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