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Jeff Bonwick, father of ZFS, quits Oracle

Considering the sheer amount of high-profile talent leaving Sun post-Oracle, this is not really all that surprising:

In terms of “star” Sun developers and engineers, I can’t think of too many more to go. Still, all the best for Jeff and his amazing technology.


Upgrade from OpenSolaris snv_134 x86 to OpenIndiana oi_147…

…using the instructions here:

Seemed to work a treat:

$ cat /etc/release 
                      OpenIndiana Development oi_147 X86
        Copyright 2010 Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
                        Use is subject to license terms.
                           Assembled 14 September 2010

Goodbye OpenSolaris, hello OpenIndiana

IBM is building a smarter planet…

…by making millions of desktop PC CPUs spike when viewing their naff Flash-based web ads:

IBM Flash ad