Monthly Archives: October 2010

OpenDS forked, becomes OpenDJ

Between Oracle alternately shutting down Sun Microsystems’ open source projects (OpenSolaris, Project Wonderland et al), and those same communities forking left right and centre (think OpenIndiana, LibreOffice et al) comes the rather low-profile news that OpenDS has been forked by ForgeRock into OpenDJ:

Be checking this one out for sure.


Skype for Android, and the “Ethics of Skype”

Well, Skype for Android is here, and seems to work just fine on Android 2.1.

Skype seem to be taking the Apple Inc. approach to their product, and that is design it to work so well and be so easy to use that folks won’t really think nor care about their privacy, nor privacy of their data, nor being locked into a fairly “closed” product. This neat article on the Ubuntu Wiki sums up nicely however some of the concerns about the widespread use of what is admittedly a very well designed application:

Me, well, Skype is cool and all and people can of course contact me on it. However, Ekiga on .nix is where I’d prefer to conduct most of my online VoIP activities…