Outgoing SIP call problem in Ekiga 3.2.7 on OpenIndiana

Quick problem with a quick resolution: on my desktop OpenIndiana oi_147 machine, I found I was unable to make SIP voice calls to any of my contacts, nor even a test call to the the test service at sip:500@ekiga.net.

After a quick posting to the Ekiga mailing list with an accompanying debug file, I received a helpful response from another user (Eugen Dedu), who pointed out that packet sizes were too big as a result of too many audio codecs being selected in the application preferences.

After enabling a basic set of audio codecs in Ekiga, I could then place calls fine:

Ekiga audio codecs

Ekiga test call working

Ekiga could do with some fine tuning vis a vis somewhat more helpful error reporting, but all the same I am glad to have this working. For VoIP calls at least there is an impressive amount of interoperabilty on offer here amongst Windows, Linux, and OpenIndiana platforms. With a bit more testing and documentation (eventually branching out to H323, video, and interoperability with commercial hardware-based SIP/H323 solutions) I’m looking forward to recommending Ekiga as a one-stop solution for cross-platform open source desktop A/V conferencing.


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