Oracle in bizarre makeover

While pondering over this TechCrunch article with the rather interesting title of Larry Ellison Hearsay: “We Can’t Be Successful if We Don’t Lie to Customers”, I caught wind through Bob Rhubart’s “blog” (which as far as I can tell is more just page after page of other people’s links) of a major redesign of

I’m so used to seeing practically all of Oracle’s sites with the same – and let’s be fair here – godawful black/white/red colour scheme (sorry, but their design squad must be from another planet to think this would look any good in a million years), that the use of other colours really threw me. It almost looks designed by a human being, and not by a photocopier. Matter of fact, there’s more than a touch of the old Sun Microsystems here, and a more cynical person perhaps might view this as somewhat deliberate.

Anyway, good work, I guess.


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