TeamViewer (and other remote assistance products)

So, I’m on the lookout for a cross-platform remote assistance product, which will allow me to remotely manage Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows computers from a machine running potentially the same operating system(s).

After having a sniff around online, it would appear that TeamViewer is the only application which really meets my needs, from the standpoints of a) feature set and functionality and b) licensing.

On the licensing point, it seems that TeamViewer is bucking what otherwise seems to be a popular method of delivering remote assistance products via a parasitic Software as a Service subscription: the thought of getting gouged every month for the privilege of using an application which I should really be able to install and use standalone is pretty unappealing, really.

A couple of examples of the other remote assistance products out there I briefly looked at before balking at the usage restrictions…

Leading the way in wacky product naming, check out LogMeIn. Let’s see, we have:

    LogMeIn Pro²
    LogMeIn Free
    LogMeIn Ignition
    LogMeIn Backup
    LogMeIn Rescue
    LogMeIn Hamachi²
    LogMeIn Central (“works with LogMeIn Pro², LogMeIn Free and LogMeIn Hamachi²” apparently…)

Aside from being subscription-based, not really being able to deduce which product does what without wading through the marketing materials is a massive turn-off. It’s a bit like the Microsoft Vista approach, designed for maximum confusion. Another win for TeamViewer, which is offered in three editions (Business, Premium, Corporate), plus a free-for-personal-use version.

And over here, we have GoToMyPC, and GoToAssist, both apparently made by the same outfit. At 70 bucks a month for the latter “service” (not even sure if that’s NZD), I’m pretty confident that TeamViewer by comparison would quickly work out as a better value.


5 thoughts on “TeamViewer (and other remote assistance products)

  1. Max

    Another remote support solution is ScreenConnect ( It’s cross-platform compatible, and requires only one up-front fee (no subscriptions). Check it out. We use it at work, and it’s got a lot of neat features. The app for Android and iOS is nice, as well.

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