Problems with fonts embedded in OpenOffice 3.3.0-generated PDFs

Interesting problem encountered after purchasing some fonts from and using them in OpenOffice to generate a PDF. When opening the generated PDF in Adobe Reader 9 and 10 on Windows, Reader would throw up an error saying “Cannot extract the embedded font..some characters may not display or print correctly.”:

Adobe Reader PDF error

In addition, certain sentences would appear as a series of dots (instead of words). Oddly, the same PDF would open and display just fine in Evince.

It turns out this is a problem affecting specifically OpenOffice version 3.3.0 – which was the exact version I was using on my OpenIndiana oi_148 x86 system. You can read the bug report here:

The solution – as outlined in the above bug report – was to upgrade to LibreOffice 3.4.0. As LibreOffice has yet to be ported to OpenIndiana, I installed it in an Ubuntu 10.10 virtual machine, and after importing my .odt file and exporting it as PDF again, the file opened up fine in Adobe Reader.

Looking forward to LibreOffice on OpenIndiana!


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