Apple MobileMe Mail is a steaming pile of dung

While the Apple faithful await the roll-out of the supposedly new and improved iCloud service, let’s not forget the colossal and hopefully soon-to-be-forgotten joke that has been MobileMe, in particular, MobileMe mail.

I signed up to MobileMe when it was known as .Mac, back in the heady days of being primarily a Mac user (before the dark times, before the Empire). Having a Mac mail account along with calendaring, online storage, chat and web pages seemed like a fairly nice deal, even if it did cost 120 bucks local.

Over time however, the only component of MobileMe I’ve really come to use regularly has been iDisk, and even that I access from Gnome on OpenIndiana (iDisk Finder integration with Mac OS itself being hopelessly slow and unstable). I’ve tried to buy in to the whole “email as web app” experience, but if MobileMe is anything to go by it’s just not ready for prime time. Let’s reflect on some salient points here.

Firing up MobileMe on Firefox 5 it’s entirely usual to have the GUI sitting there grinding its gears just to bring up your inbox view:

MobileMe loading

Even once it’s up and running, beware of clicking on an email item to actually read it as you might have to wait for the item itself to load:

MobileMe more loading

MobileMe often falls over at the first hurdle:

MobileMe is unavailable

And of course, everyone just loves the service failing hard right when you want to load that critical email, or even worse, send the one you have just written without any way to save it other than to manually copy its contents to the clipboard:

MobileMe error loading message

So there you have it: a paid service with worse-than-free performance (and calendaring by the way is useless for me as it hardly talks to anything else).


3 thoughts on “Apple MobileMe Mail is a steaming pile of dung

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