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Interview with Damien Sandras, creator of Ekiga

As posted on the Ekiga users mailing list, this is an interesting interview conducted recently with Damien Sandras. Lots of good stuff here, from his views on the future of the project to how it compares with the default VoIP apps in Ubuntu.


Oracle announces DTrace for Linux, DTrace creators denounce it as “low quality” and “a joke”

Much interest and (sadly) amusement to be had over Oracle’s announcement of what they claim to be a port of the Solaris DTrace dynamic tracing technology to Oracle Enterprise Linux:

In short, this provoked some classic reactions from two thirds of the team that created DTrace to begin with, first from Adam Leventhal:

An excerpt:

“While I’d like to give this obviously nascent port the benefit of the doubt, its current state is frankly embarrassing. It’s very clear now why Oracle wasn’t demonstrating this at OpenWorld last week: it doesn’t stand up to the mildest level of scrutiny…announcing a product of this low quality and value calls into question Oracle’s credibility as a technology provider.”

And as Bryan Cantrill succinctly puts via Twitter – “Oracle’s “port” is a joke”:!/bcantrill/statuses/123532974447788032

More relevant commentary to be found here:

I expect there will be much more to be said about this in the coming months…

EDIT: sure enough, from who I believe to be another former Sun software engineer: