Fun with the ASUS Eee Pad Slider

First impressions: slide out keyboard is a slick piece of design, and it really works. Not having to tote around a separate one (a la the ASUS Transformer) or to not otherwise have one at all if you happen to do the odd bit of productivity work is a major plus. Keyboard feel is better than you’d expect. The whole thing is very Apple-like, not in the sense that they’ve specifically aped anything Apple has done, but rather it’s something you’d expect Apple to design, right down to the magnet-assisted sliding mechanism.

Eee Slider with keyboard extended

Build quality is solid. A bit on the heavy side, but no surprises there seeing as it’s packing a keyboard. I find the iPad 2 to be too heavy for one-handed operation anyway (and I have large hands), so this isn’t an issue for me.

OS is Android 3.1, and between that, the keyboard, and the fast dual-core processor, everything is slick and snappy. Need to bang out a quick email or browse at speed? Simply slide out the keyboard, find a flat surface and get to it.

Using the touch screen as a replacement for a mouse works better than you’d expect, but this needn’t be a deal-breaker because you can attach a USB mouse if you prefer. Yes, it’s got standard connectivity. USB port, HDMI, and SD card slot. Okay, the charging connector is proprietary, but it supports USB charging as well, so you’re not stuck with having to scramble for adapters and what have you. This is pretty high on my list of desirable features here.

You can get the Slider locally from one of my favourite stores, PB Technologies:

More impressions to come, but in short this definitely isn’t a me-too product, and in general no wonder Apple is suing to get Android off the market: these things are very impressive.


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