LDAPCon 2011 presentation on OpenDJ

Great video here presented by Ludovic Poitou of ForgeRock, on the OpenDJ directory server project and its origins as OpenDS at Sun Microsystems:


One thing I found of particular interest (and also because I can’t resist yet another dig at Oracle – but only because they make it so very easy) comes right at the end of the presentation (here), which not only indicates that code commits to the OpenDS project which Oracle inherited are practically dead (i.e. death by neglect), but that in June 2011 they actually created a proprietary fork of it (gee, imagine that!), called “Oracle Unified Directory”.

It’s great to see that out of the two forks of OpenDS at least that I am aware of (the other is here), OpenDJ remains truly open, from the code to the documentation. No need to “contact sales” nor have to deal with a crummy “evaluation license”.

And if you need professional support, ForgeRock offer that too.


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