Mobile Document Viewer – view ODF format files on Android

One of the most perplexing omissions from Google’s Android OS feature set is native ODF file format support. The Android market has applications up the ass for viewing Microsoft Office format files, but there is a seeming dearth of applications which will allow you to view your LibreOffice (or OpenOffice…) documents. Given Android’s open source nature, the lack of shipping support for ODF is puzzling.

Anyway, after having a sniff around I have found an application which on a basic level seems to work well enough – “Mobile Document Viewer”:

Running it on an ASUS Eee Slider tablet, I loaded up one of my ODT files which I could open with no problems:

Mobile Document Viewer on the ASUS Eee Slider tablet

The application however converts the content to HTML and displays it in a browser window – so the formatting goes somewhat AWOL, but otherwise the content itself loads up fine. As a cute extra there is text-to-speech support, if you fancy having ODF files read aloud to you.

The free version is ad-supported (hence my message from “Elaine”…), but given the paltry fee for the full version this is a no-brainer purchase.


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