recordMyDesktop, Ogg video files, and OpenShot – part 2

A quick follow up to my post here. As it turns out, VLC refuses to play back any Ogg file generated by recordMyDesktop at normal speed: playback jumps all over the shop, with the net effect of it appearing to run much faster than the speed it was actually originally captured. So, we are shit out of luck with using it to transcode recordMyDesktop files for editing in OpenShot.

You can read what the VLC core developers thought of this issue in posts 8 and 9 here:

Frustrating that recordMyDesktop is so close to being perfect for my needs, but as it’s a defunct project I am forced to look elsewhere. Turns out that the ffmpeg command line utility can be used to capture a live desktop (loads of guides on the web on this topic), so in a follow up post I will outline my efforts to use this instead.


4 thoughts on “recordMyDesktop, Ogg video files, and OpenShot – part 2

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  2. grantpatonsimpson

    Hi Dave,

    I had the same issue and the annoying thing was that gtk-recordMyDesktop + OpenShot _almost_ worked properly. But the failures were too significant. However I found a solution by inserting a python script between them in the tool chain. The Python script is pretty basic and it just runs mencoder on all ogvs in a selected folder and converts them successfully into avis. Put those avi files into OpenShot and everything works brilliantly. The ffmpeg solution may well work but I needed a simple GUI approach to setting the screen size of my recording efforts and gtk-recordMyDesktop made that pretty easy. I doubt the script will be formatted correctly if I include it but I can send it to you if you like. Here is the core bit the script runs (modified) using

    mencoder -idx myfile.ogv -o myfile.avi -oac mp3lame -ovc x264

    -oac is audio, -ovc is video

    Instead of x264 you can use lavc. I wanted a higher quality recording so I had 25 fps for gtk-recordMyDesktop and the YouTube HD setting as my final OpenShot output.

    BTW I’m in Auckland – where in NZ are you?

    All the best, Grant

    1. davekoelmeyer Post author

      Hi Grant, thanks for the comment and contribution – brilliant. I’d love to give the script a crack please, and also post it as an update on the blog for the benefit of other readers if that’s okay. My contact details are at

      And I’m in Auckland too 🙂



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