Skype and Microsoft’s silly Bing Bar

Sure-fire sign that Skype is now another fine Microsoft product – and therefore unsuspecting users can expect to have installed a toolbar for a second-rate search engine as well as have their browser homepage altered:

Skype Bing Bar installation

Good to see nothing has changed with regard to Microsoft treating their current and prospective customers like idiots.


4 thoughts on “Skype and Microsoft’s silly Bing Bar

    1. davekoelmeyer Post author

      Would be nice if you could stick to the topic and have some semblance of balls to not post anonymously – but as you’ve raised it, no, it’s no different at all. No different to Sun and then Oracle trying to push it down via Java updates, or Adobe attempting to do the same with Flash and Reader.

      Back on topic though, it’s sad when Microsoft has to resort to this entirely reprehensible practice in an equally sad attempt to get users to use a search tool which no-one really uses nor likes 🙂

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  2. fernando

    it seems if you dont accept bing or hotmail as a initial page … skype cant be installed … sad they think we are idiots


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