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Oracle’s megabucks Sun Servers – the best for enterprise environments…

…just don’t forget your Server Virtualisation for Dummies ebook:

Oracle's Servers for Dummies


Thunderbird RSS, QuickFolders, Sync, and other niceties

I continue to be impressed by Thunderbird which goes from strength to strength with every release. After playing around with RSS feed functionality (described here), I’m now using Thunderbird as my primary RSS feed reader: it’s particularly handy for keeping track of Twitter feeds (which the Twitter native web interface itself kind of sucks at), especially with the ability to tab your Twitter feeds with QuickFolders (below).


If like me you deal with thousands of mail items across multiple mail folders, then drop everything and check the QuickFolders extension out:

It’s quite simply a superb add-on with an absolute tonne of features: you can read about them here: I was very happy to donate to the developer – so if you do like the add-on, perhaps consider doing the same 🙂


After enabling RSS feed functionality in Thunderbird, I got to thinking how cool it would be if Mozilla could extend their Firefox Sync functionality to Thunderbird: the ability to sync RSS feeds, account and application preferences amongst multiple Thunderbird installations would be huge. Turns out (after making enquiries on the relevant mailing lists) that this is planned:


Another cute addition to Thunderbird: a “Tip of the Week” feature in the Thunderbird welcome screen. Nice little touch!

Thunderbird tip of the week

Enable LDAP authentication with Nuxeo

Authenticating Nuxeo users against an LDAP directory is straightforward but for a bug which I encountered.

The instructions for enabling LDAP authentication are here: I am using Tomcat in my case, with OpenDJ as the LDAP server.

The bug I encountered is here:

And, the workaround I had to implement to get LDAP authentication up and running is detailed here:

With this in place, LDAP authentication works as expected.

Enable Nuxeo Live Edit with LibreOffice and Firefox

Following is a quick how-to, as apparently Live Edit with Nuxeo DM 5.5, LibreOffice, Firefox, and the Nuxeo-provided plugins doesn’t work that well out of the box.

My example platform is Ubuntu 10.04 x86, Nuxeo DM 5.5, LibreOffice 3.4.6 (with the LibreOffice Java support packages installed as well), and Firefox 11.


First, grab the Nuxeo add-ons for LibreOffice and Firefox, respectively:

The latter link Nuxeo refers to as the “protocol handler” for Firefox, but let’s just say that both are needed to enable Live Edit functionality.


The LibreOffice add-on once installed requires no configuration (and there are in fact no preferences to set). The Firefox add-on however requires manual configuration – as the default settings are inadequate.

Referring to the below screengrab, we have entered our Nuxeo user credentials for automatic server access when saving documents to Nuxeo from LibreOffice. We have set the /tmp directory as our working directory – but note that the path must have the trailing forward slash (i.e. “/tmp/” will work, but “/tmp” will not). We have retained a single default “” mapping, but we have changed the editor command to that of LibreOffice 3.4:

Nuxeo Live Edit Firefox add-on settings

That should be all that is needed. When you click the “Edit Online” icon from within Nuxeo you should observe LibreOffice launching and opening the document for editing automagically. Likewise, clicking on the “Save in Nuxeo” icon in LibreOffice should push the document back up to the server without error:

Nuxeo - edit online

LibreOffice - Nuxeo Live Edit