“Open Source vs. Jive” – part 2

As a belated follow up to these posts, late last year looks like eBay ditched Jive Software for Drupal on their e-commerce platform, as reported by Wired:


“As eBay formally launched its new X.commerce business unit — a sweeping effort to bridge the worlds of online and offline payments — the company revealed it had moved the unit’s X.com website to Drupal, dropping the proprietary Jive Software platform the site previously used.

“We found that Drupal offers more tools and does so faster,” Neal Sample, chief technology officer of open commerce at eBay, told Wired.

“There were certain tools we needed built, and often, if you go to a single vendor, you just get in line with everyone else. With Drupal, we can tap into a bigger developer community to get the tools we wanted — if they weren’t there already…”

Ouch. Myself, I’ve been delighted with Drupal 7. And, if anyone has a copy of the “Jive vs. Open Source” whitepaper available for what I assume was a very brief period of time, I’d love to see it – if only to know what goes on inside the mind of a marketer 🙂


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