Das Keyboard Model S Professional Mechanical Keyboard – a short review

I find that simply having different keyboard layouts, or even the same layout from different keyboard manufacturers can really become a hindrance when rapidly switching amongst multiple computers across disparate locations. I figured why not purchase a set of identical make and model keyboards as a solution, but then got to thinking: I spend most of my time at a computer keyboard, so why not look around for something a bit more deluxe?

In terms of mechanical keyboards, I’ve hitherto been using on and off an old Silicon Graphics AT-101 keyboard which I rescued from the waste skip at work during a clear-out of old equipment a few years back. Even though the keyboard response is a bit soft, each key is mechnically switched – and a definite improvement over the cheap Dell keyboards which I typically use most of the time.

After a considerable amount of reading and research, I’ve gone for a mechanical keyboard in the form of the Model S Professional keyboard from Texas company Das Keyboard:


As can be seen at the above link, each key has its own mechanical switch, in this case, the Cherry MX Blue switch from German company Cherry.

Some impressions: it’s a no-frills piece. Just 104 keys, and a built-in USB hub. No backlighting, programmable macros, media controls or shortcut keys. This kind of simplicity, coupled with the excellent build quality and the weight of the device (it’s not light for a keyboard!) leaves the impression it’s designed to do one thing very well.

The keyboard symbols are laser-etched: no cheap printing here. An extra-long length USB cable pair is a very considerate touch – perfect for reaching down the back of a desk to a computer on the floor. No third party drivers are required, as there is no enhanced functionality of any kind. Simply plug it in, and go.

Of the mechanical keyboards I was looking at, the Model S Professional is the sleekest and most stylish design available, in my opinion. The glossy piano black finish is a nice touch, too:

Das Keyboard Model S Professional

So what’s it like to use? In a word, awesome. The “clickyness” in the key action is delightful, and true to the advertising, less force is required to make a successful keystroke compared to a cheap keyboard by virtue of the mechanical switches. Quite simply, after an hour of using the Model S Professional, my Dell keyboard by comparison feels like total mush – really awful. If there is one tiny complaint I have, it’s that the backspace key is a tad squeaky. I have a second unit arriving in the next few days (to accompany the first, not to replace it), so it will be interesting to see if it’s the same. (Update: the second unit has arrived and it has no such squeaks. Nothing a little bit of DIY couldn’t fix, and sure enough it’s the plastic hooks on the stabilizer bar which just needed a little bit of synthetic grease.)

If you haven’t used a mechanical keyboard before and you perform a moderate to heavy amount of typing during the day and/or night, then definitely check one out. I can certainly recommend Das Keyboard’s products.


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