pdf.js support in Thunderbird

Recent releases of Firefox have included built-in support for the pdf.js Javascript PDF rendering engine, enabling fast, plug-in-free previewing of PDF content right in the browser. What’s perhaps less-known is that with the help of an add-on Thunderbird can also do the same.

The Thunderbird Conversations add-on by Jonathan Protzenko enables a sophisticated conversation view in Thunderbird plus a whole raft of other goodies. You can read more about the story behind the add-on here and download it from here. It’s a fantastic option for email power users and for those wishing to directly preview PDF content in Thunderbird:

Thunderbird Conversations add-on.

PDF Preview directly in Thunderbird.

When Mozilla make the tagline of Thunderbird “Reclaim your inbox”, they’re not kidding. If you don’t want to have a conversation-based interface like Gmail’s rammed down your throat, then you can use the stock standard interface. But if you want a conversation view par excellence, this is an add-on that will fit the bill, and then some.

Thunderbird Conversations add-on conversation view.


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