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Natural pest control, Nepenthes-style

It’s a marvellous thing seeing the efficiency with which my pitcher plant can trap and kill food when simply left to its own devices. Bugs are attracted to the nectar, clamber into the traps and become nom noms for the plant. What’s more, it really loves the New Zealand climate combined with being parked next to an open bathroom window. Pitcher plants make a terrific addition to the household for natural pest control. Quite pretty to boot.

Pitcher plant


Oracle nukes Sun Ray and VDI

I shouldn’t be surprised, but still: Oracle to halt development of Sun virtualization technologies

What’s really, really rich was one of Oracle’s own folks only a couple of months ago stating the following on the Sun Ray Users mailing list:

“Oracle does not keep acquired products that they do not believe have a future. I’d challenge you to compare release timelines from both Sun and Oracle and see under which flag the product has had more major releases and more features. If Oracle was not committed to Sun Ray and VDI, it would have been gone very soon after the acquisition.

I can tell you Oracle is committed to Sun Ray and VDI. I get that people are unhappy with some of the changes (Firmware requiring a support contract, Public road maps, social media changes), but those things have very little bearing on whether or not Oracle is committed.”


At the day job we migrated from Sun Ray onto Onelan for our digital signage needs, and after that my contact with either Sun Ray or Solaris dropped to zero. Still, sad to see what was a fantastic platform kicked to the curb, joining the myriad other Sun products and projects which Oracle has bungled, mismanaged, or ejected – presumably to support the unbelievably crass lifestyle of the guy ostensibly running the joint. Sad times.

Sun Ray installation

Scott McNealy’s Top Ten reasons for employees wanting to keep an office

10) Need a place to hang a picture of my chihuahua
9) How can I micromanage my direct reports if I can’t see them?
8) Naps and/or nooners with co-workers
7) Need storage for pilfered coffee, toiletries, condiments and kids’ school supplies, and the A/C is free too
6) We have to still work on “spare the air” days
5) I have self esteem issues
4) I prefer to make my pay by the minute phone calls in private
3) The public sector union work rules mandate private offices
2) Your spouse wants you out of the house, or you can’t stand being home with your spouse, or both
1) You can’t brown-nose virtually

Scott’s really quite entertaining talk on the subject of remote work from which this was transcribed can be found here: