Microsoft Outlook: UI designers on drugs

Outlook 2010: you want to export a PST of your account contents, you say? Sure – once you’ve flailed around looking for the “Export” button, you in fact achieve this by navigating to “File -> Open”. Then, you click on the “Import” button. Yup, “File -> Open -> Import”. Once you’ve done that, then you’ll see a handy option for performing a file export. Nice.

Outlook Export PST 1

Outlook Export PST 2


Outlook 2010: You’ve got an inbox or whatever containing several thousand items. You make a selection with the mouse of a certain number, and you want Outlook to tell you just how many you’ve got selected. No, you’re not crazy: Microsoft’s flagship email application, the one you hopefully paid a tonne of cash for a license, is incapable of doing this.


Outlook Web App: We’ve been here before, but let’s also highlight another drug-induced design decision. I’m viewing the contents of my inbox, or whatever. I want to perform a search for something in the current folder, but the default search option is to search the entire fucking mail account every time. Just, why?

Outlook Web App default search


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