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On Microsoft killing the Internet Explorer brand

The problem is, Internet Explorer – while a simply awful piece of technology – will forever be associated with being tied to an equally mediocre OS (Microsoft Windows). Open source it already, and kill off its dependency on Windows. Not rocket science.

Microsoft is killing off the Internet Explorer brand (The Verge)


“Potato-chip News”

Somewhat corny title, but the content is mostly spot-on. In November last year I ceased reading the NZ Herald, Stuff et al for this very reason. Overall it’s been a net positive, saving a couple of hours time each week. Targeted news can otherwise be obtained via an RSS feed.

If you haven’t stopped reading yourself (and switched off the telly for that matter as well), I highly recommend giving it a try:

Avoid the Dangerous Allure of “Potato-Chip News – Gretchen Rubin

“Slack is killing email” – yeah, right

Responding to glorified technology advertising publication The Verge running this silly clickbait headline a while back, here’s my prediction on where Slack will eventually end up. As posted on Twitter, recorded here for posterity.

Slack exchange from Twitter