How not to stream on

EDIT: Due to some admittedly rather ambiguous wording on my part, I’d like to clarify (particularly for folks reading from wherever the surge in views is coming from) the few representative channels linked at the bottom of the post are folks who are doing streaming right. Hence why I am linking them for recommendation, and hence why they are favourited and followed.

After having watched for a few months now, my points of view on how to ruin your game stream:

  • Endless, non-stop jabber. Extra marks off for non-game-related jabber.
  • Thinking you’re the next David Letterman (who was incredibly unfunny anyway), or a budding talk-show host or comedian. Streaming is about the game first and foremost. Not how marvellously entertaining you think you are (but actually aren’t).
  • Having your voiceover over-cranked such that we can’t hear the game audio.
  • Having your voiceover over-cranked such that it distorts horribly every time your voice is even slightly raised. Combined with the above, this will have me switching off in no time.
  • Skipping over cutscenes, dialogue, critical pieces of in-game information, speed runs – instead of allowing the folks who have bothered to tune in to your channel to enjoy the experience vicariously. Studios spend millions on this stuff. The likelihood you’re improving the experience by skipping it? Nil.
  • Oversized webcam, chat, followers, and other assorted overlays that occupy anything more than a small fraction of the screen.
  • An excess of window decoration, animated or otherwise.
  • Having goddawful screamo music blaring over the in-game soundtrack and effects. Do you know how much money studios spend on producing quality audio to begin with?

Here’s a few streamers that I always tune into, who have largely successfully observed the above:

(Edit: updated for screamo music annoyance)
(Edit: updated for wording ambiguity)


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