Monthly Archives: March 2016

Flip NZ broadband’s constantly changing IP addresses

Here’s a sample of the IP addresses assigned to a Flip NZ domestic broadband connection in 30 minutes of use:


This leads to the expected behaviour with certain web-based services:


I’m also informed of at least one bank advising customers that online banking via Flip broadband is as a result borked. Performing tasks such as temporarily firewalling cloud services while performing remote setup and configuration is also certainly a waste of time.

Flip’s response:


I’ve used Orcon domestic broadband in the recent past, and while they of course reserve the right to reallocate addresses at any time, I’ve never seen addresses rotate literally every few minutes.

Long story short, this makes Flip useless for home office work – one hopes these limitations are made clear in their marketing collateral.



Watermarks template for LibreOffice Writer

For folks wanting a LibreOffice Writer template with a default set of high-quality, vector-based watermarks good to go, head on over to and download/share away. Any feedback or suggestions, let me know.