Forking GlassFish Redux: Payara Server

In the time since I last wrote about the need for a fork of Oracle’s GlassFish Server, Oracle have effectively removed the viability of GlassFish as a production system by killing off professional support in favour of their megabucks closed-source WebLogic product. This was a completely unsurprising move, and simply added to the mountain of […]

Creating a GlassFish service on Mac OS X

Quick post – when installing GlassFish on Mac OS X (10.8.3 in my case) a GlassFish service won’t be created by the GlassFish installer (whereas Windows and Solaris platforms do get the ability to manage GlassFish as a service). I came across a handy blog post by a former Sun Microsystems staffer which takes […]

Container based authentication with JSPWiki, GlassFish and OpenDJ

In this blog entry I am going to describe configuring JSPWiki to use container based authentication to authenticate LDAP users existing in an OpenDJ directory. I am using GlassFish as my web application container, so this can be considered an alternative solution to using Tomcat, for example as described here.   I am running JSPWiki […]

Forking GlassFish

(Update: see After I made a couple of remarks via Twitter regarding my perceived increase in the amount of Oracle WebLogic marketing material being posted on the GlassFish Twitter, Facebook, and pages – which given recent news I can fully understand a company like Oracle wanting to push at the expense of GlassFish […]

Apache Roller 5 problems on GlassFish 3.0.1

I recently installed Apache Roller 5 on GlassFish 3.0.1 (on an OpenIndiana host with JDK 6u26, connecting to a PostgreSQL 8.4 database) and had the rather unusual behaviour of the Roller web app seemingly failing after an arbitrary period of time, followed by the GlassFish domain itself stopping. I have two GlassFish domains set up […]

Oracle WebLogic spam in the GlassFish “community”

Sigh. There seems to have been an entirely unsurprising increase in this of late, for example (the GlassFish group on Facebook is first): Seriously, I’m not thick: if I wanted to read about WebLogic, then I’d go to Oracle’s godawful website (or the WebLogic twitter or Facebook feeds) and read about it there. The very […]

JSPWiki on OpenSolaris / Glassfish

I’m now using JSPWiki for internal documentation of the various projects and stuff I’m working on. Installing on OpenSolaris snv_134 x64 with Glassfish 2.1 was as simple as uploading the relevant .war file from the JSPWiki installation packages using the Glassfish admin BUI (follow the “Easy Install” section here.). Just make sure that the Glassfish […]

Configuring a public JSPWiki instance for private use

Been a tad quiet on this blog for a while I realise – time to freshen thing up a bit. In this blog post we’re going to quickly cover how to configure a JSPWiki instance such that wiki content cannot be viewed without being authenticated with a login account. For example, you may wish to deploy […]

AMD “Piledriver” FX-8350 on OpenIndiana

I’ve recently acquired a brand-spanking-new AMD FX-8350 CPU as an upgrade to my Phenom II X6 box. All the recent benchmarks of this CPU seem to fairly consistently point to it being a multithreaded monster. Plus, AMD has dropped the price of the new FX CPUs compared to the original Bulldozer architecture parts – and […]