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HP Laserjet prints endless copies…

An interesting problem encountered today while helping a friend set up an HP Laserjet 4200 in a small private mixed Ubuntu/Windows XP home office network; when printing (in particular) from Ubuntu clients, the printer would output endless copies of the job until the “Cancel” button on its front panel was pressed, or until it was out of paper.

After a bit of head-scratching/web-searching, it turned out that this was to do with a setting on the printer itself; under one of the various printing configuration menus, the “COPIES” parameter had been set by the previous owner to “32000” (!). Windows clients seemed to ignore this setting and faithfully print how many copies were specified by the user in the client application print settings, but Ubuntu clients seemed to take this setting literally.

Setting the “COPIES” parameter on the printer to “1” resolved this issue.